PEDESTRIAN: Everyone I Know Who Skis Is Dead: Cassette

May 21, 2014

Here are five songs from a post-rock group of talented high school dudes out of OrangeCounty. Lots of drifty clean guitars, occasional crunchy chugs for punctuation, finished off with husky, sadful singing. It’s cool, it’s ambient. I can get down with the echoing soundscapes built up by unhurried stacks of chords and reverb, but the singer sighing out lines like “you have got the best of me” and “you can watch me fall” distract from otherwise engaging songs by adding a sentimentality overload. If Pedestrian can stop crying ninety six tears they’ll graduate with honors from Rock and Roll High School, having double-shots of that baby love all the way to ParadiseCity or FunkyTown and out of the suburbs of feelingsville. 

 –Jim Joyce (Avocado,