PEDERAST PROPHET #1: $4.50/trade, 8 ¼” x 11 ¾”, photocopied, 16 pgs.

Jul 21, 2011

Not many pages, considering the price. But also consider the kid who puts this out lives in Queensland, Australia. That’s in another hemisphere. This is cut and paste, but without too much going on in the background. Some pretty good photos line the pages, though. The interviews were all right, but not very long. And from what I can tell, Wes did all of them himself. So he shows initiative, even at seventeen years old (as is mentioned). American hardcore bands The Fix and Modern Warfare are the bands he interviews, along with Australian outfits Homosexual Tourists and Shock Value. Music and zine reviews are listed just before a Flipper show review. The review is lengthy and filled with useless details, and it sounds like Bruce’s voice was off that night. This kid will probably get the hang of it soon, but for now he should maybe get a few other Aussies on staff to add content to what could be a good and informative zine. –Western Smith, 3/188 Butterfield St., Herston, QLD 4006 Australia

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