PEARS: Letters to Memaw: 7”

Nov 02, 2015

I’ve recently been made aware from several reliable sources who swear up and down that Pears is a band that should be on everyone’s radar. These recommendations were met with skepticism once I realized Fat was somehow involved. However, I put those feelings aside and threw this on with an open mind. There sure are a lot of melodic parts—which are standard for a Fat release—but then out of nowhere bursts of hardcore speed and fury abruptly turn the sap into bile. Imagine a nastier Dag Nasty or the Flatliners gone hardcore. The song on side two “Anhedonia” in particular has the perfect balance of hardcore recklessness and gushy harmonies. As good as this 7” appears to be, I’m not completely convinced that a full-length will grab me the same way. But I’d be more than willing to check these guys out live.

 –Juan Espinosa (Fat,

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