PEARS: Go to Prison: LP/CD

Nov 21, 2014

Have you spent time imagining what a mix of Circle Jerks’ Group Sex and Descendents’ Milo Goes to College would sound like? No, nor me. However, the possible result of such an experiment dropped into my lap recently in the guise of the debut album by Pears. The majority of the ten songs are made up of that kind of hybrid sound, taking the short, sharp approach of the former and blending it with the more melodic style of the latter. The Keith Morris influence is also to be heard on the track “Forever Sad,” a song which sounds a hell of a lot like OFF! via the Morris-like vocals and a similar guitar sound/style. There is also a decent Ramones cover, “Judy Is a Punk,” which doesn’t veer too far from the original whilst at the end of “Grimespree,” the epic—it accounts for almost of quarter of the album’s running time of twenty one minutes—there is the briefest Descendents cover used as part of the finale. The CD is self-released and the LP is out on Ryan Young’s (Off With Their Heads) own label. Stuff like this excites me. 

 –Rich Cocksedge (Self-released, / Anxious & Angry,