PEACOCKS, THE: It?s Time for the Peacocks: CD

Oct 08, 2004

Well, if you took everything that was wrong with Social Distortionesque faux-shitkicker rock (i.e., lots) and spliced that onto everything that was wrong with Sonic Iguana-spawned pop punk with the chord changes every eight beats (i.e., everything), you might get the Peacocks. You lucky lady! Band further compounds matters by singing every other song about bands who, in their own dizzying world view, are their tragically more popular inferiors. The leadoff track states "We're too good for the charts!" Dudes. I got news for ya: You're not even too good for a Mutant Pop CD-R. There may, however, be spots open for you on Hunter S.Thompson's ranch. BEST SONG: "This Time" BEST SONG TITLE: "I Can Do a Lot For My Size" FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACTS: 1) "Love Song" is not the Damned composition; 2) "Warning" is not the Green Day composition; 3) "For You" is not the Anti-Nowhere League composition; 4) The insert indicates that "Last Words" is the name of both track #2 and track #13 but it's really only the name of track #2; and 5) Bands mentioned in the "CHECK OUT THESE BANDS" list include both Screeching Weasel and Rancid. Thanks for the tip, Slick.

 –norb (Asian Man)

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