PEACH KELLI POP: Self-titled: LP

Sep 18, 2013

I was flipping through the new arrivals at my local record store and stopped when I saw this one. I knew the band name was familiar to me but I couldn’t recall where I’d heard it. It turns out they took their band name from the title of a Red Kross song. The cover photo of singer/guitarist Allie posing on the beach wearing her pastel-colored guitar covered with sparkly stickers took me back to the early ‘90s when we first started to see bands featuring young women playing pastel-colored guitars covered with sparkly stickers; the band Cub comes to mind. I liked a lot of that music back then and was pretty sure I would like this group today. This particular copy of the record was autographed by Allie inscribed to a chap named Bryan. I decided to take a chance and plunked down my nine dollars plus tax. It turns out that Bryan’s loss is my gain. This album features ten songs of ‘60s-style pop with Allie’s slightly distorted vocals drawing me in. The production is suitably trashy and lo-fi. The one slow song here, “Tough Stuff,” actually reminds me of The Kinks’ “Waterloo Sunset” which is high praise in my book.

 –Chris Peigler (Bachelor)