PEACH KELLI POP: Self-titled: LP

This sounds like The Chipmunks, if the Chipmunks were female and huffed helium. For reasons that are well beyond my own grasp, I like it. Sixteen-year-old me is punching me in the face every time I listen to this. This makes Redd Kross sound like the Cro-Mags in comparison. This makes ukuleles sound like chainsaws. And I like it. What the fuck? Goddamn, is that a triangle tinkling or a tambourine or a toy xylophone? All three? C’mon! It’s Allie Hanlon, drummer of the White Wires. Cut this and it bleeds cotton candy. Stare at it, and it grows cute cat whiskers. Gah! And I like it.

 –todd (Bachelor)