PEACH KELLI POP: Self-titled: LP

Jan 19, 2016

I’m going to admit something totally lame: I’ve avoided this band for three albums because of the record covers. I know how that sounds, but I just can’t get past the album covers. I even admire the uniformity. But it’s young people’s music, I guess. This band does do something new and raw with the three-chord punk song with ethereal vocal segments adding an out of tune and unpredictable element. “Shampoo” stands out as having about as much thinking as I like in a song. “It stings, stings, stings in your eyes.” I like stuff like that. This isn’t essential to me, but if you like that sort of Bay Area sound, I feel you’d like this. I saw them listed on one of those lame “punk bands to watch out for” lists on the internet. They strike me as having more staying power than being listed on one of those, if that helps.

 –Billups Allen (Bachelor)