PEACH KELLI POP: Self-titled: LP

Jul 26, 2013

House and basement shows are a rarity in Birmingham, AL. Basement shows featuring bands I’m willing to leave my house for, even rarer still. So being provided a magic moment with Peach Kelli Pop (with Mean Jeans providing the rhythm section) via the gracious kids of God’s Butt basement was in incredible weekday night gift. A head-nodding, booty-twisting, beer-can-emptying good time was had by all thirty attendees that evening… and I’ll pick up any PKP release from then on. This LP definitely sticks to the thinner-sounding ‘60s pop formula championed by Burger, but its ability to conjure the good-time party vibes of their live show gives it heft. Highly caffeinated soda plus candy bars plus spinning this record and you may not have an unsmashed stick of furniture in your room.

 –Matt Seward (Burger)