PEACE CORPSE: Terror of Quincy: LP

Nov 30, 2010

If memory serves, Peace Corpse evolved from a joke band called Moslem Birth, whose primary purpose was to take the piss outta Christian Death. Fronted by Toxic Shock head honcho Bill Sassenberger and featuring over the years members of Thee Undertakers, Insulin Reaction, and Man Is The Bastard, the band’s sound evolved over time from solid mid-tempo and slower punk with snotty vocals to something a bit more evolved and complex in delivery, while retaining the slyly topical, smart-assed-yet-intelligent lyrical content throughout. Collected here are all the tracks from the Life Death and Quincy 7” EP on side one and selected tracks from their later Terror of History LP. Nice hearing this stuff again, especially old favorites like “Jocko Macho (Quincy Punks).”

 –jimmy (Toxic Shock)

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