PAYBACKS, THE: Love, Not Reason: CD

Feb 15, 2007

I’m of two minds with the Paybacks, much like I am with the Bellrays. On the definite plus side of the equation is glorious, soulful, strident female vocals over hard rock and punk. Songs like “Love Letter” are anthemic, arena-filling stompers that showcase a voice that’s in league with both Aretha Franklin and Janice Joplin. Bitchin’ and well worth the listen. On the negative side—and I know it’s me—I hate solos, wig outs, jams, freak outs, and anyone playing Jimi Hendrix-inspired guitar who isn’t Jimi Hendrix. And there’s a fair amount of that in the Paybacks, too. 50/50.

 –todd (Savage Jams,