PAVERS, THE: Return to the Island of No Return: CD

May 21, 2003

Yar matey! This a fine CD be. You know how some CDs have bonus tracks? This thing has a whole bonus CD EP! Obviously, any review that I start with a pirate reference means I like the CD, but I do have to say, this album sets itself up by having the first song be really fast and catchy, then following it with slower, more complex songs. The mix of styles is good, but it got me all revved up and left me. The style is a mix of a bunch of things – parts remind me of Ramones, the non-hit-single Nirvana songs, the stronger Foo Fighter tunes, Queens of the Stone Age… hmm, what’s with me and the Dave Grohl kick? Basically, what seems to be going on here is some musicians are too “mature” to do simple three chord, straight ahead punk, but too amped and passionate to get wishy washy. Some songs remind me in structure of pop punk or even grunge songs if they were being covered by a good punk rock band. I find myself enjoying this a bit, despite the fact that it doesn’t really fall in any of the music subgenres I prefer. Although I do wish that the lyrics hit me more on some level. (A side note – why is it that the more meaningful lyrics are, the less coherent they are normally sung? I can understand every line in Janet Jackson’s “Nasty Boys” which means nothing, yet well thought out political lyrics of many crust bands sound like a seal gargling?)

 –rich (Ratchet / Boss Tunage)

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