Nov 16, 2010

To compare Paulie to Eminem would be too easy, especially when you hear his slightly nasal voice. Nevertheless, similarities to Slim Shady end there. Paulie intends to make people think. Don’t let his vocal shenanigans and skits fool you. With this new album he aims to teach with his faculty of MCs about everything from pinball to war to crack and black holes. His lyrical prowess is best displayed in “Takin’ out U $uckas,” as he spews a stream of rhymes with unwavering accuracy. The production is also impressive, with a fresh supply of loops, synths, and effects with a sinister lean like that of Immortal Technique. “Catch Me If Ya Can” shows off some turntablism and fades out with an awesome police siren scratch. If your idea of punk music isn’t restricted to a four piece band, or even if it is, Paulie and company will add another spin on resistance and DIY culture.

 –Kristen K (DIY Bandits,