PATTERN, THE: Immediately: CDEP

Aug 09, 2009

This band has been making quite a ruckus (and a name) for themselves in the Bay Area the in the last year with a legacy of amazing seven inches and a bunch of loud, high action live shows. The Pattern deliver their audience a pounding with a wall of huge rock guitars, a hard hitting drummer, and frontman Chris’ (formerly of the Peechee’s) brand of singing that sounds pent up and sweetly disinterested. His sharply tongued lyrics and the well-played, nasty guitar riffs make for a great repeated listen. I found their band out of place when compared to the bulk of bands caught up in the current “rock revival.” All too often, that sound has become cliched and saccharine, whereas The Pattern spew fire and brimstone into their music. –Nathan Grumdahl

 –guest (Lookout!)

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