PARTY FLAG: You Can’t Handle the Truth: CS

Apr 29, 2016

A distinctly Floridian theme permeates Fort Lauderdale punks Party Flag’s image. From their logo—a fiery subversion of Disney’s iconic castle—to the plump stripper pole dancing on one of their stickers, to the naked granny who graces the front of their You Can’t Handle the Truth EP—I can’t tell if she’s a nudist or it’s a porn still—the only thing missing is a gator and some NASCAR. Despite the band’s apparently strong regional identity, these five tracks would seem at home in any place and any era. Their lyrics are funny in a harrowing way, teeming with the signature punk puerility, crassness, and nihilism that perfectly accompany the music’s straightforward aggression and pervasive catchiness. Highlights include vocalist Justine Iukine menacingly slurring, “I don’t care who stands beside me / You’re the one I wanna fuck,” on “Fermentation” and guitarist Jared Earl’s joyously haphazard riffing on “Blue Skies, Black.” Both of which will be stuck in my head for the next week. 

 –Kelley O’Death (No Work, [email protected],

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