PARTY BY THE SLICE: Self-titled: Cassette

Feb 26, 2009

When Ben Crew, the singer of Minneapolis hardcore band In Defence, told me there was a war going on between those who champion pizza as the ultimate party food and those who believe tacos should truly be bestowed that honor, I didn’t entirely believe him. I didn’t understand why In Defence was so adamant about proclaiming the power of tacos. Then I got this tape. Freshly baked from the streets of Milwaukee, Party By The Slice has obviously picked its side in the pizza vs. tacos battle. Not only is this tape dripping with sizzling mozzarella and robust red sauce, the picture of the band members shows them all wearing anti-taco T-shirts. Through rough, pizza-centric thrash songs like “Zombie Food Fight,” they take a stand, really the only stand that a proud Wisconsinite could take: That pizzas beat tacos hands down every time. They had better step up the guitar solos and make sure they aren’t getting that bullshit fat-free cheese on their pies, because they’ve got a hell of a battle in front of them.

 –mp (Self-released)