Sep 19, 2013

Initially, this band’s slavish devotion to Pavement, both in sound and style, made me think I was gonna throw Light Up Gold across the room. Seriously: the artwork, down to its spindly handwriting, could be from some lost ‘90s EP, and the band’s sound fairly screams Malkmus and Spiral Stairs. But they won me over. The songs here, which borrow equally from punk and indie, are catchy and interesting enough to override any distraction caused by their influences and devotions. Way more than Pavement, the Parquet Courts write song that dispel the notion of lead and rhythm guitar, switching off duties sometimes several times per song, like (dare I say) Television. These cats are at their best when they urgently move their songs along, which is often —twelve of the fifteen here come in at under three minutes, catchy as hell.

 –Michael T. Fournier (Dull Tools, [email protected],