PARKINSONS, THE: Up for Sale: 7"

Jun 29, 2007

British bands of sizable merit who aren’t recorded at Toe Rag Studios are few and far between in this day and age, which is why this doozy by the Parkinsons is so welcome and unexpected. Soldiering on in the almost-forgotten genre of UK Punk Bands With Lots Of Guitars That Don’t Suck, this trio somehow manages to emit four catchy, anthemic, and loud punk rock depth charges that appear to be at least partially motivated by the golden age of Brit Guitar Punk—let’s say the Clash’s second album and the Professionals in theory—without—and this is the important part—sounding like some ridiculous European thing that would be beneath the notice of a reasonable individual. Plus, on the cover, they look like cool guys, so there ya go. The Parkinsons are selling, but who’s buying? I guess i am. BEST SONG: “Heroes and Charmers” BEST SONG TITLE: “New Wave” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: This record claims to have been recorded live by Johnny Scum on “07/04/2005,” which, to me, seemed impossible, since that would have meant that this record was recorded, mastered, pressed, shipped from England to Razorcake, then forwarded to me in Wisconsin, all in the same month—but then i realized that, in Europe, “07/04” means April 7th, not July 4th, so, like, never mind.

 –norb (Wrench)