PARASYTIC: Poison Minds: LP

Mar 03, 2011

I thought this Richmond, VA’s debut LP Hymn was great, but I feel this new release raises the bar. This time around, the crust seems to take a bit of a back seat while the thrash metal and Motörhead sound come to the forefront with sheer ferocity. I would compare the sound to the last few World Burns To Death releases. The production is superb with a biting and bright guitar sound accented with the pounding and solid tone of the bass leading the charge. The mixture of the two creates a soundscape of headbanging fury. The drum mix seems to be pulled a hair to the front to give the songs a thundering effect. I can picture every beat as they are being hit. The gravelly vocals complete the barrage of power to this collection of eight songs. Saw them a few years ago live and they put on a great performance. Hopefully another tour out west is in the works for the future.

 –don (Vex)