Jan 13, 2010

So this album’s all right except for one thing. About 4/5ths of the songs on here sound exactly like a Chad Price All song or Descendents tracks off Everything Sucks. Now I love Descendents/All more than nearly any other band, so similarities should be a good thing, in theory. The problem is that the Parasites songs sound much like the Descendents most of the time (minus the oh-so awesome Milo grit in the voice), I keep wanting to go and throw on the Descendents or All and get right at the source. So, in summary, this sounds like a B-sides album with the leftovers from Mass Nerder or Cool to Be You. That’s not a bad thing, but if the Parasites changed their sound up some more, they could produce something more memorably distinct.

 –Adrian (Kid Tested,