PARANOID VISIONS: Black Operations in the Red Mist: 2 x CD

Sep 07, 2010

Based on the info provided, this band’s roots are neck-deep in the early peace punk scene, but managed to refrain from falling into the Crass-clone pigeonhole because they were based in Dublin rather than England. This two-disc retrospective of their work over the past three decades showcases a band that ain’t afraid to dabble in different subgenres—American hardcore, anarcho-skronk, rock/punk, even what sounds like a bit of a piss-take on the Dead Kennedys on “Home Sweet Hell”—but for the most part sticks to a very catchy strain of straightforward punk rock. The accompanying booklet includes a history of the band, assorted press clippings, reviews, and back-stories for the tunes, giving punters like yours truly who somehow didn’t pay attention to ‘em the first time ‘round a chance to get caught up.

 –jimmy (