PARANOID: Satyagraha: CD

Jan 19, 2016

Paranoid is an English translation of the band’s Japanese name. The CD is a bonus inclusion with the LP, and does not appear to exist separately. After some internet sleuthing, I deduced the band was not in fact Japanese, but Swedish. Musically, Paranoid play ripping d-beat, that will make you want to headbang until you have whiplash. The album opens with digital noise before crashing into the first track. The ten tracks on this album rage but are all short, even for d-beat. The five-minute electronic organ outro closing the album is almost as long as the rest of the album proper. I thought this was great for what it was, but it didn’t particularly move me. The lyrics and translations accompanying the LP version of this would have been nice to have. With just an empty CD sleeve, there’s not much to talk about here. If you dig d-beat, this is worth checking out.

 –Aaron Zonka (Konton Crasher, [email protected],

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