PAPERMOONS: Self-titled: 7”

Dec 13, 2007

This record is like putting saran wrap on the toilet while your friends are sleeping and during the middle of the night they piss on their legs. No wait, that’s not right… This record is like driving your car and running a red light without being caught. Fuck. What the hell am I trying to say? This 7” has left me utterly confused. Before I listened to it, I wasn’t aware I liked droney acoustic numbers. I really expected to hate this release because I knew Papermoons was a folk band before I let the needle hit the wax and then two songs in, I actually found myself enjoying it. I guess I wouldn’t be so apprehensive about it if I wasn’t still getting over the “it has to be punk to be good” mindset. Forgive me, for I am young.

 â€“Bryan Static (Team Science)