PAPER RADIO 15: $4, 8½” x 5½”, printed, 22 pgs.

Apr 19, 2016

DJ Frederick has been writing about shortwave radio culture for a number of issues and his love for this hobby—or lifestyle maybe—is contagious. I could read him talking about radio waves for pages, and I have. Paper Radio, or shortwave radio itself, is such a useful metaphor. It is the difference between the painfully-lame-stadium-rock-Spotify, spiritless-Coldplay world and the analog side of things.The human side comes with producing, pirate radio shows or zines that curate the stories of people who can celebrate music and broadcast art. They do so without losing the intimacy factor which makes it all worthwhile. So yeah, a zine about that. Issue fifteen is the latest, but grab any of them or check out Frederick’s other zine Turntable Operator for similarly good times. –Jim Joyce (Antiquated Future,