PAPER FLEET: Baby, We Love Each Other: 7"

Jul 21, 2011

Paper Fleet play retro power pop pretty well. (Say that five times fast.) This is a pretty decent record, though the first side is hampered by the recording. Remember how everything sounded coming out of the speakers of your first car? It’s that bad. The bouncy, catchy songs still stand, but the sound quality really holds them back. The two songs on the second side, for whatever reason, have a far better recording. They are much more dynamic and energetic. Paper Fleet doesn’t give us a lyric sheet, instead, a booklet with a many-paneled comic for each song. In these cartoons, a couple of anthropomorphic dogs play out what’s going on in the lyrics. This kind of cuteness reflects the overall package, both sonically and visually. I’m not wont to fall for such charm but the songs just get better each time I listen.

 –Craven (Ottomen,

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