PAPER CEILINGS: A Brief History of…: CD-R

Jun 14, 2014

Paper Ceilings is Jesse Markaway playing palm-muted power chords, ukulele maybe, a harmonica-ish instrument, and a kiddie xylophone. Self-deprecating folk punk that sticks to the lonely first-person and never rolls into the political of, say, Plan-it-X. Dropping other band references is a minor pet peeve of mine and Paper Ceilings does it eight or so times in the first seven tracks. The back cover drawing of a single bed with Faith/Negative Approach posters and a GBH LP on the floor is great, but a bit misleading. A Brief History of… is good for a sunshiny, giggly summer day rolling in the grass and reminiscing. If you want to hear a guy sing a song from the Adventure Timecartoon in his bedroom, this is for you. 

 –Matt Seward (Self-released)