PANZRAM: Judgment Night Soundtrack: Cassette

Jun 13, 2014

Gotta confess I wasn’t expecting much from this cassette based on the packaging. The cover has an ugly-ass foot on it and, along with the title, my mind kind of decided that this was going to be a so-so, pseudo-industrial soundscape. Boy was I ever surprised when I plopped this baby into my vintage 1989 cassette deck. What greeted me was a ferocious mix of Flipper-styled cacophony, downtuned guitars, and some of the most intensely personal lyrics I can remember coming across. It goes without saying then that I freakin’ love this cassette. My only complaint though is that the low-fi nature of the recording really doesn’t do justice to the quieter interludes within the songs. Regardless, this is highly recommended. 

 –Garrett Barnwell (Human Crush)