PANTYHOSE: Pantyhose Pantyhose Pantyhose: Cassette

Jul 02, 2009

After three tracks, this galloping rush of lo-fi garage makes me want more. Pantyhose’s demo sounds like it was written and recorded in under two hours (this is a compliment) using partially broken instruments retrieved from the recesses of a pawn shop. In a good way, the adolescent silliness reminds me of this awful band that a friend from high school was briefly in (however, Pantyhose’s line of “I ask [my record store] to play my favorite selection / but I only really want his erection” trumps all of the dreck they drew up). This brisk and unrefined material was made for ten minute-long impromptu sets at Midwestern dives. According to their MySpace, they haven’t done anything lately, so let me proclaim a formal plea: Pantyhose, please make more material.

 –Reyan (Self-released,