PANKY’S, LOS: Self-titled: CS

Nov 02, 2015

Los Panky’s were a garage rock band from Mexico City who formed in 1963. Virtually unknown due to the band’s short life and impossible-to-find discography, Los Panky’s slipped through the cracks of garage rock history until the son of one of the band’s members recently uncovered his dad’s old records and brought them to the attention of the fine folks at Burger. This cassette compiles the band’s two singles, LP, and some odds and ends. The band takes cues from classic ‘60s rock’n’roll (The Shondells, The Kingsmen, etc.)—and in some cases the songs are simply covers of American hits (such as their rendition of the Vogues’s “It’s a Five O’ Clock World”)—which was a popular practice at the time as further evidenced by other Mexican bands like Los Apson and their cover of “Under the Boardwalk.” That being said, musically it’s nothing groundbreaking or completely original—but it sure is fun to listen to. Time to go flip through my mom and dad’s old LPs to see if they’ve been hiding anything as rockin’ from me. 

 –Juan Espinosa (Burger)

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