PANIC, THE: Self-titled : CDEP

Jul 21, 2009

Dude, I need some new underwear. I just shit myself. The Panic are right at the top of the best mix of new and old hardcore I've heard in years. Too fast and blasting to be strictly melodic, yet too catchy and swinging bat-like to be dismissed as a stale homage, this is some exciting, penetrating stuff. It's tough, not macho. It's chaotic but not muddy or out of focus. It's recorded fucking perfectly, with the burrs and jagged edges intact, but all the instruments are clarion clear. Woo! Combine Gorilla Biscuits, Negative Approach, Out Cold, Reagan SS, and Kid Dynamite in a cement mixer really fast and pour. Heavy, thick, and designed for burying lesser bands. Highest recommendation.

 –todd (Bridge Nine)