PANIC STRIKES A CHORD: I Can See Electricity at the Proper Distance: CD

Jul 05, 2001

A one man band. Occasionally the songs are way too long, and due to my bad attention span, I can't handle them and end up skipping forward. I'm such a bad reviewer. At times, gentle and emotional "boy and his guitar" rock, and then moves on to a unique brand of rock music - evil and dark, with samples of strings, people, and so forth. He has a nice voice and clever lyrics, but is just a little long winded at times. A more relaxed version of Bright Eyes at times. Reminds me a tad of United States Three as well. Pleasant overall.

 –Miss Sarah A. Stierc (Anechoic, 22-55 Crescent St. #00, Long Island City, NY 11105; )