PANIC DISORDER: Self-titled: 7” EP

Sep 08, 2006

Some folks are of the opinion that Naked Raygun was where it’s at (which I don’t disagree with), but that Pegboy was too workmanlike (which I disagree with). I think that Pegboy riveted and cleaned their songs down: steely punk expanses of tough-powered pop, where Naked Raygun was adept at getting weirder and more abstract without losing focus. I like ‘em both. Panic Disorder take Pegboy’s precision then smear vomit on it. The straight-ahead, no bullshit power’s still evident. It sounds like they’re falling apart, hurtling towards a brick wall, the brakes don’t work, and all they’re concerned about is that last beer that’s rolling away from them under the seat. That’s a sound I like plenty.

 –todd (Dry Rot)