PANIC ATTACK: Rick Moranis: EP

Nov 30, 2010

I feel like Quebec City is on another continent completely. One hears very little English being spoken whatsoever when walking the distinctly European-looking streets (which is quite untrue of its closest neighboring major city, Montreal). Also, the independent music community in Quebec City has always seemed truly independent, i.e. existing separately from any other major musical epicenter. This could be due to the language barrier, or simply that QC isn’t exactly close to any English-speaking capital cities. Regardless, I recently had the immense pleasure of playing in Quebec City with three incredible local bands (and that band from San Diego… what’re they called again? Oh ya, Tiltwheel), and was totally blown away by the quality of songwriting and musicianship in each band, but it’s safe to say that the opener, Panic Attack, was my favorite of the night—perhaps the entire tour. Upon receiving a copy of this EP, I was informed by the vocalist/guitarist Frank that the recording quality is somewhat subpar, but I wasn’t concerned. The songs I’d just heard/seen would be great no matter what. Crazy catchy, upbeat, somewhat rough pop punk taking some serious cues from the Green Day songwriting school, but with enough aggression and a youthful approach that totally sets them apart and makes them charming as hell. I can’t wait to hear these boys’ first proper record. It’s going to be a doozy, no doubt.

 –Dave William (Self-released,

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