PANGEA: Living Dummy: LP

Nov 15, 2011

Sleazy but friendly, poppy but rocky tunes that have finally crawled their way out off the most homogenous shadows of suburbia and gotten some long overdue recognition. While a couple tracks conjure visions of hipsters absent-mindedly bouncing their youth away, there are songs on here that puncture your soul with harpoon-esque procession and pull you onboard. Over the years, this band has seen many transformations, and I can proudly say I was there for them. And while they often left me scratching my head, there’s no denying they give the people what they want. Catchy, danceable pop music firmly rooted in the underground. Somewhat fucked up tunes, for somewhat fuck ups. I often wonder and worry that all my friends and all my favorite bands are just a phase, and one day I’ll wake up they’ll all be gone. And while in the past the remedy for such worries might have been something from the Pangea demo that was handed to me in a backyard in North Hollywood circa 2004, now I drop the needle on “Haunted,” a song that embraces the present and future with equal skepticism and knowledge that nothing is certain. But you are in total control of your life. This record isn’t for everyone. It’s not even really punk, but there is some great shit on here.

 –Daryl Gussin (Burger / olFactory)