Dec 13, 2007

Two bands that share members, and they alternate song-by-song, not side-by-side, so it’s more of a melding or a collective consciousness. Both bands are what I was hoping to hear when: A.) people say, “Influenced by the Violent Femmes” (although these two bands have made no such claims). There’s this charming, quietly dissonant playfulness/seriousness threading through all four songs and the dude singer sounds more than a little like Gordon Gano. B.) What I thought The Weakerthans would sound like before I actually heard them: artful playfulness that’s punchy, without the precious “Canadian sweater, Poetry (big P), and tea”-ness that rubs me the wrong way with the aforementioned band. C.) I love swearing in folksy songs (“I ain’t no goddamn Golden Arches”) because that ensures it’ll remain a “folk” song and not a “radio” song that’ll be repackaged in fifteen years when I’m in the market for a new automobile or tube of toothpaste. Great record. Fans of The Hot New Mexicans, Nervous Dogs, Rumbleseat, and The Pine Hill Haints are predisposed to liking this, if they know it now or not.

 –todd (Stress Domain)

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