Feb 26, 2009

Pangea and Harvest Moon Society share both sides of the split, with one song by each band on both sides. Both bands share more than the sides of the record, in that both play indie folk/folk pop/folk punk and various other genre-splitting variations thereof. And though no details are included, both also seem to adhere to strict lo-fi recording techniques. I would venture that both bands recorded onto a 4-track in somebody’s living room, possibly live, as well. Pangea provides the big hit for this summer’s punk rock mix tape, with the incredibly catchy sing-a-long “Golden Arches,” with its chorus of “You are what you eat so/I ain’t no god damn golden arches,” while Harvest Moon Society brings a perhaps, slightly more mature sound on “Boat Song,” with it’s use of non-traditional (in the punk rock sense) instruments (mandolin? ukulele?) and a simple, straightforward, lazy laidback strum-a-long. While bedroom recordings are often just as ear pleasing as fancy pants studio productions and are often symbols of the artists’ labors and love for music (not to mention the whole DIY aspect), I still wouldn’t mind hearing what these songs could be if someone were willing to invest some time and money into the recording of these songs. I think what is here now could possibly represent the frame to a much larger, richer, fuller sound that maintains all of the heart displayed here.  –Jeff (Stress Domain/Griznar Music)