PALLBEARER: Sorrow and Extinction: CD

May 09, 2012

Did you ever wonder what it would sound like if Ozzy’s vocals had some reverb and he sang for a doom metal band? Well, wonder no more! Pallbearer’s debut full-length album is five songs that clock in at forty-nine minutes (yes, that’s right) and drenched in a somber, sad tone. As with most doom metal, the music isn’t fast and crazy, rather it’s deliberate and thoughtful, something that really requires the listener to stand back and appreciate the dirge that is created. All five songs are weighted and heavy. The album feels like a slow, trudging battle with the band slogging away, as though someone told them they had to make an album and they’re tired and worn but are still going to make a fucking great album that showcases their admirable skills. While the songs all clock in at over eight minutes each, they’re not unnecessarily long. It all feels quite natural and surprisingly soulful; at times almost sad. The production and mixing is good, enabling each instrument to really carry its own weight and complement a full sound on Sorrow and Extinction. I can’t say that I am normally a fan of doom metal, but this four-piece seems like the real deal.

 –kurt (Profound Lore,

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