PALLBEARER: Foundations of Burden: CD / 2 x LP

Pallbearer’s second full-length is another exploration of hopeful doom metal. I’m not entirely sure how they do it, but this Little Rock four-piece is able to take the normally gloomy, morose sound of doom metal and insert bits of optimism in the songs. They do this through the use of guitar solos (“The Ghost I Used to Be”) and piano (“Watcher in the Dark,” “Ashes”), and, at times, the melodies flow together to the point where it’s actually beautiful, which is something I never thought I’d say about a doom metal album. The vocals still sound a lot like Ozzy Osbourne, but a couple of the other guys in the band are also providing some vocals as well, which gives an even greater depth to the sound. Foundations of Burden may only be six songs, but it’s fifty-five minutes of music, which makes for a real engaging listening experience. It’s one of those albums that is great to turn on, put headphones in your ears, and just let the sound wash over you. 

 –kurt (Profound Lore)