PALE CREATION: Twilight Haunt: LP

I sense some kind of dark, spiritual connection between Dom at A389 and myself. Not only does A389 consistently release the best current hardcore records around (and thanks to A389 and Deathwish, there are a ton of great new bands getting the exposure they deserve), but it also re-releases some essential records that could otherwise be doomed to obscurity. A389’s newest reissue is an absolutely crucial slab of Clevo “Holy Terror” hardcore: Pale Creation’s sole full-length release to date, the crushing Twilight Haunt. Admittedly, I was never completely sold on Pale Creation at the time of this record’s initial release. Perhaps my angry, youthful exuberance was so deeply entrenched in the more linear and breakdown-smattered writing of Integrity and Ringworm (and yes, One Life Crew) to understand why Pale Creation garnered so many comparisons to these bands. But as my musical priorities evolved from kickbox-moshability to complexity, atmosphere, and proficiency, Pale Creation became a staple in my listening. Sure, one can still draw comparisons to the more visible Clevo/Holy Terror bands, but Pale Creation are an incredibly unique beast, incorporating off-kilter rhythms, bleak soundscapes, and nods to a plethora of darker genres and subgenres across the musical spectrum. A phenomenal record (not unlike their newer releases!) that I never managed to pick up back in the day, so it’s safe to say I’m thrilled to have my paws on it now. Brilliant.

 –Dave William (A389)