PAINTBOX: Earth Ball Sports Tournament: CD

May 14, 2001

Here is a band that gets better and better. Starting with their self-titled 7" to their CD titled "Singing Shouting Crying" to the earth-shattering "The Door" / "Provided Railroad" 7". The progression from the first to the current amazes me on how much a band can improve and continue to grow while not staying within their formula. The last 7", including the current release, has moments of a spaghetti western mixed with a blend of old school Japancore with some metal overtones. An absolute enjoyable listen. The songs have melody and rage while they continue to search to find new elements to introduce. They bring in horns, acoustic guitar and harmonica at moments to add more texture to their music. If you have been following the Japanese music scene, you know that these guys are heavy hitters.

 –don (HG Fact, 105 Nakano Shinbashi-M, 2-7-15 Yayoi-Cho, Nakano, Tokyo164-0013, Japan)

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