PAINTBOX: Cry of the Sheeps: CDEP

Diverse energy. If you have been following my reviews, you should know that Paintbox and HG Fact are my favorites. I love this Japanese band and label from Japan. I check the website every month to see what might be coming out. Right on top of the new releases available for overseas consumption is a new Paintbox EP! I pull $10 out of my wallet and write out an order and mail it away. I get a page from my wife and I call her back. She alerts me that a package came from Japan two weeks later. Woohoo! That night I rush home and put on my latest acquisition on the stereo. Starting off is the title track – has anyone heard a sheep cry before? It starts off melodic with the harsh vocals over hard-edged music with trumpets, metallic riffing, and a section with dogs barking in tempo. What a masterpiece! That was only the first track! Track two, titled “Big Ant,” is a rager in the Japcore sense. Straight forward and angry. The third track is even faster! Don’t know what the song is called since it’s titled in Japanese. Pure unadulterated power. Not feeling short changed, there is a hidden track where they show some humor. You get a chipmunk reggae song to top things off. In a short period of time, they have put out three EPs and two full lengths. What are you waiting for?

 –don (HG Fact)