Oct 09, 2006

I really hate getting review material that is only the CD. No lyrics to reference, no pictures to look at, just a disc with a track list on it. Don’t most of the labels know that we are record and music collecting geeks? The music better be good. Luckily for me, it is. One of the current hardcore bands of the moment that’s going for the championship belt. Paint It Black play fast, direct, and to the point music that catches you out of breath with its intensity. They sing songs about things I have no real clue of (since I don’t have the lyric sheet to reference), but I do know the title. But I really am a person who gets caught up with the music more than a person who analyzes lyrics. I have to feel the music before I can pay attention. Read many good things on the net about this release. So, with so many voices praising this release, it seems that I am on the right side of the fence on this one.

 –don (Jade Tree)

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