PAINT IT BLACK: 4-song demo: CDEP

Feb 05, 2009

Hell yeah. I still spend many a day driving around with Kid Dynamite blasting out the stereo, and even though I try not to dwell on the past too much on broken-down bands, I wished they would have continued. Ahh, sweet fulfillment. Guitarist, songwriter, licensed kid head shrinker, and all-around thinker, Dan Yemin has teamed up with his Lifetime and KD drummer, Dave Wagenshutz and a three other like-minded hardcore fools and made four all-too-short, all-so-sweet songs that has me sitting next to my stereo with a line of drool that connects my mouth to the floor. Sooo good. It's hard but it's so, so catchy. Want more. Gimme, gimme, gimme some more.

 –todd (Paint It Black)