PAGERIPPER: Self-titled: 7”

Jun 13, 2014

Dense, brief, and crazed while still holding on to an undercurrent of melody. It’s a strange combo, and it works really well here. They’re a great live band, but this 7” does a terrific job at capturing that intriguing “bomb in a roll of bubblewrap” combination. If you took the vocals and whip-smart angularity of Glass And Ashes and combined it with the Sainte Catherines, with all of that band’s effluvia sanded off and whittled down to the essentials, you’d be looking at something like Pageripper. It’s a weird cross-section of sounds that shouldn’t necessarily work, but does. Excellent production: it’s gritty, but layered enough to document the nuances. Thorough packaging. This is a relatively new label, I think, but it’s clear that everyone involved, band and otherwise, put a lot of effort into this release. Recommended. 

 –keith (Sex Sheet)