PACK: Self-titled: LP

Jan 19, 2016

Ugly Pop proves there are still lost punk albums worth getting excited about with the release of a self-titled album by Germany’s Pack. Led by prog-seasoned guitarist Joerg Evers, Pack released a full-length and one single in the late ‘70s. Their best-known song “Come On” appears on Bloodstains across Germany. Now the band’s full-length gets the full Ugly Pop reissue business with loads of liner notes and photos. Pack plays grinding, overdriven ‘60s chords on the canvas of minimal punk drumming. Evers is noticeably older than his ‘78 contemporaries in live shots, but his anger comes through as if punk had been waiting for him. “We Better Get Ready” starts the album with a vicious, three-chord rager. “Nobody Can Tell Us” has a singalong quality urging you to “do what you really want.” The opening riff has a ratchety, party drum riff with a Teenage Shutdown sensibility. Evers embraced the back to the front attitude displayed by the bands of the time. Natural anger and an aptitude for nuanced intervals drive the album. It’s a record aging punks will certainly take notice of. The songs retain that magic level of pissed felt in the British albums of the time.

 –Billups Allen (Ugly Pop,