Jul 16, 2009

This is the audio version of a DVD that I think is exclusively available through the band’s website. This was recorded live in August of 2002 in San Francisco. What this recording captures is the magical aspect of their fantastic live shows. They bring together a broad array of people of different races with their fusion of hip hop mixed with Latin music varieties. The music the band produces is infectious and a cure for a good time. Most of the songs that are contained come from the self-titled first full-length and Embrace the Chaos album, like "O Le Le, Eva," "Chango," "Vocal Artillery," "Como Ves" and "Cumbia De Los Muertos," to name a few. An unreleased track titled "Ya Viene El Sol" is also featured. I wish they would have added "Guerrillero" off the Embrace the Chaos album. It’s one of my favorite tracks. This and the DVD should tide me over until the anticipated recording and release of their next album.

 –don (Ozomatli)