Aug 27, 2009

I have been on a Latin kick for a few years now and I still haven’t learned the language. Right at the point when I need a change from the usual, Ozo puts out a new teaser EP. Excited like a little girl getting her first Barbie, I rushed out to get this. After self-releasing their debut EP and recording two full lengths on Interscope’s Almo label, they jump ship and sign to a jazz label. From what I hear on this six-song release, nothing has changed from the label transfer. In fact, the songs seem more focused. The songs still have that party vibe that has lured thousands into their fan base. The mixture of funk and Latin makes for the horrifying sight of this Asian man trying to dance. At least I do it in the privacy of my home so I won’t leave mental scars when people see me at shows. They may not be punk but they are more politically active than most.

 –don (Concord)

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