May 20, 2014

Two is a complex follow-up to the band’s debut thirteen years ago. The lineup is still the same (Cap’n Jazz minus Davey von Bohlen) and the sound is similar to their self-titled album, but it doesn’t seem quite as accessible. Yes, it’s a little Cap’n Jazz and a little Joan Of Arc (considering the Kinsellas are involved, that’s understandable), but the lyrics seem more obscure than even that which is usual for Tim Kinsella (“I’ll never be some scientist hero action wizard” or “a waiter with bad breath / he dropped your chilled pickle in hot sand”). The guitar playing is creative and the bass keeps things tight and rhythmic. Mike Kinsella’s drumming could’ve stood to be more creative, though. Much of it seemed formulaic and didn’t match the creativity of Victor Villareal’s guitar or Tim’s lyrics. While, on the whole, the parts seem good, put together they just come out to be average. There’s nothing that amazed or enthralled, but one can’t deny that the band is creative and intelligent. It’s these types of albums that are the hardest to review and Twoproves no exception. This is an album that, while solid, is probably best left to hardcore devotees of the Kinsellas.   –kurt (Polyvinyl, polyvinylrecords.com)