OVERNIGHT LOWS: “Slit Wrist Rock’n’roll” b/w “I’ll Be Everything”: 7"

May 26, 2011

There’ll always be a place in music for stripped-down, sneering rock’n’roll that somehow—and thankfully—veers away from the depressing dungeon of bar rock and the artificial lip-pouting trappings of a band too obviously sucking up to the garage rock ring like a fussy child to its binky. I’m having a hard time explaining it further. Where so many other bands sound stupid or retreaded doing this style of music, The Overnight Lows are like the first day you discovered firecrackers; how they could blow your fingers off, but with just a little care, they snap, explode, sparkle, and make otherwise-dull nights pretty damn fun. Recommended.

 –todd (Goner)