OVERLORD: Ticker Symbols: CD

Mar 23, 2007

This Philly five-piece plays jangly ‘50s/ ‘60s pop rock reminiscent of the Beatles meeting up with Guided By Voices and running into Belle & Sebastian. Throw some Elvis and Jetenderpaul (anyone remember them?) in there and fourteen songs and thirty-five minutes later you have their album. Most of the songs are catchy, upbeat, and definitely a throwback to another era when rock and roll was simple and straight-forward. That’s not to say that Overlord’s style is entirely from your parents’ generation; they’ve obviously had their share of filtering all of it through an indie pop filter in order to throw a few curves in there. I’m not real excited about this, but neither can I just say that it sucks because it’s well done and well produced. However, I can’t imagine too many Razorcake readers being real stoked on this.

 –kurt (Storm Tower)